Comprehensive tool for AML, KYC and Risk Assessments according to the Money Laundering Legislation

We make it easier for you to fulfill your legal obligations according to your national Money Laundering Legislation and EU's various AML Directives 

Our tools are developed by specialized lawyers and are used by hundreds of companies with thousands of users. The needs and requirements differ between different industries and therefore we have tailor-made solutions for, among others, Lawyers, Law Firms, Accountants, Accounting Consultants, Financial Advisors and Real Estate Agents.


You perform your AML controls, incl. KYC, and Risk Assessments of clients and matters in a swift and digital flow of 8 simple steps.

The tool also contains flexible functions for, for example, identifying customers via BankID and digitally signing, for example engagement letters, using BankID. Everything is included in the fixed annual fee.

Anti-Money Laundering
Due Compliance

Due Monitor

Due Monitor automatically updates and screens your Nordic customers regarding the following comprehensive information::

  • Beneficial Owners / Alternative Beneficial Owners
  • Sanction lists
  • PEP registers

Due Training

What obligations do you, your firm and its employees have according to the Money Laundering Legislation? How do you fulfill these in the easiest and best way? We offer specific courses for Lawyers/Lawyers and Accountants/Accounting Consultants respectively.

Due Compliance

Due Conflict

Due Conflict provides the user with a comprehensive and swift tool for Conflict Checks. Internal reconciliations between e.g. assistants and lawyers are done quickly and easily with the system's unique functions and are documented in the system.


With our modern and stable APIs, we can easily integrate all our services into, for example, your business-, ERP- or CRM system.

We're on an AML-mission

We want to do what we can to prevent Money Laundering. We do this by making it easier for our customers to comply with Money Laundering Legislation.

Eat That Frog - Money laundering

Money laundering training courses are often dry and painfully boring. Our educational series Eat That Frog is intended to be the direct opposite of this without losing rigor and quality content. It doesn't hurt to combine utility with a little fun.

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