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Free educational videos about money laundering

Learn about money laundering with our free educational videos

We want to increase knowledge and awareness about Money Laundering. Therefore, we make it easy for our customers and other interested parties to train and we provide free access to well-selected know-how.

For more extended, interactive and industry-specific training to formally meet your training requirements in the Money Laundering Act, we recommend our not free e-courses. Read more here: Due Training ››

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Eat That Frog
- movies about money laundering 

Money laundering training courses are often dry and painfully boring. Our educational series Eat That Frog is intended to be the direct opposite of this without losing rigor and quality content. It doesn't hurt to combine utility with a little fun.

The series consists of 4 short films where we tell you most of what is worth knowing about money laundering in a light, colorful and tangible way. We clearly go through which obligations you have according to law and how you fulfill these in the simplest and best way.

Del 1 – Vad är penningtvätt? Allmän riskbedömning, Lagstiftning och praxis

Del 2 - Identifikation och behörighet, Uppdragets-/tjänstens syfte och art

Del 3 – Involverade länder, Verklig huvudman, Sanktioner, GDPR, PEP

Del 4 - Riskbedömning kund och uppdrag/tjänst, Accept av kund och uppdrag/tjänst?, Rapportering till Finanspolisen, Avslutande råd och Due Compliance 8 steg

AML - where do I start?

Get a kick start in this Webinar with our CEO Petter Flink and Viveka Strangert
We may not have had time to tell you everything in detail, but we hope to give you a good start and overview of your obligations under the Money Laundering Act and tell you how you can best fulfill them.

Money laundering - how do I avoid sanctions and penalties?

– Focus on Business Money Laundering 

Get an overall review of the civil law rules and an in-depth look at the criminal law regulations and business money laundering in this Webinar with our CEO Petter Flink together with Marie Wallin.

Please also read Marie Wallin's book "Money laundering and the criminal law", available for purchase here.